1991 Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo

This was the second year that the Z32 was offered in the US. The car is 22 years old and is in between stage III & IV. The modest goal is a stage V 300ZX TT.


Exterior White. Interior; Graphite on Black. 3.0 Liter/2960cc/181 ci, DOHC, VVT, Twin Garrett 28RS intercooled turbochargers, V6, 300hp, 283 lb·ft torque, 5-Speed Manual Transmission, Rear Wheel Drive, SRS - Driver's Side Airbag, Mechanical HIKAS 4-wheel steering, Dual exhaust, Air conditioning, Power windows, Cruise control, CD stereo, Fog lights, Forged alloy wheels 16" (x8"?) (255/55) aftermarket Need to determine if exhaust is Fed-Spec or Cali-Spec, Governed top speed 155 mph (198mph mechanical), weight 3,373 lb.


I was a little concerned about the size. The cockpit seating is very tight. I can easily set the seating position so that my head is bent on the ceiling. I've had sporty-ish cars before, but they all had sort of standard seating. This car has very sport car seating, you're more horizontal, what Bill Cosby was talking about. You have to conform more to the needs of the car. The steering wheel is not adjustable, but there are enough adjustments in the seat to find a good position.
This year still has the upper seat belt mounts on the window pillars. This can be upgraded to true pillar mounts. The position of the belt is a little too high for me, as I have my seat so low to the floor.


This machine has unusually high operational costs. In fact, if you only use book mechanics your Z will never be properly maintained. One point, absolutely no Z should have 'Early Style' injectors. Any Z with early style injectors should be upgraded with a 'Late Style'  injector mod. And there are a number of other pitfalls.
Front tires are $245/pc., rears are $255. It's turbo, so high octane fuel is needed. Think about the motor, aluminum heads, two turbochargers, intercoolers, Hicas steering, and all of the regular parts are just plain expensive. Nissan dealerships won't work on them, so you may find yourself needing one or more personal mechanics - everybody knows somebody. You absolutely need to know a performance mechanic. If you're upgrading from a N/A to a turbo your insurance will jump up quite a bit.


When the front end was stripped, there were a number of signs that the car had taken a hit in the front left corner. The intercooler was cracked and patched, the bumper was painted, a rod was crazy bent, and one of the heavy pressed sheet metal components had a tear near a bolt hole. All of this was fixed.


  • New style fuel injectors
  • K&N / Stillen air filter
  • Stillen Intercoolers
  • Stillen quad tip cat back

Purchased from Carter G. in June 2012, 90,000mi. for $7,750.


This OEM factory tire setup is not-forward compatible, as these tires are now uncommon sizes. Further, the factory wheels will not fit a robust brake upgrade. A common upgrade is to install current Z wheels.
For me, the problem with this fact is that I prefer the factory wheels.
In the end the winning argument is - Upgrade your wheels so you can fit a brake upgrade and finally find a matching set of tires.

Riken Raptor on Kazera 17x8.5. (Old - Potenza S-03: 225 50 ZR16 - later switched to Nitto.)

Riken Raptor on Kazera 17x9.5. (Old - Kumho 245 45 ZR16)


  • Shifter bushings replaced
  • Trans mount replaced
  • Upper seals, valve cover, etc.
  • Fuel Injectors

To Do

  • Quick release connections for alarm light
  • Mount solution for alarm light
  • Shifter pivot bushing/gaskets

This page will no longer be updated as all focus on Z stuff has moved to a new project.

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