This article was initially for the CKEditor for Drupal module packaged by CKSource. It was the bizness. The package contained the latest module, with the CKE library and CKFinder bundled in, so you don't have to configure it. They are no longer producing that distro, at least as of 4/2017.

You still might choose to use the Wysiwyg module solution, if you need to run other libraries other than CKE. But a dedicated CKEditor module is the way to go, otherwise. It gives you access to more of CKE's features, though likely not all, due to expected development lag between the two projects.

This is a highly extensible module, and has a lot of features in it's base installation. This one component can potentially be one of the more complex components of your site.
These notes will apply to both the CKEditor for Drupal module and the CKEditor - WYSIWYG HTML editor module.


Highest tested for Drupal 7, module's 7x dev branch:

  • CKE    4.5.6
  • CKF    2.3
  • JQ    1.5.2
  • PHP    5.6.2
It appears that CKE 4.6 is something that was just being added to D8 core in 11/2016. So, 4.5 might be that highest stable version for D7.


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