With CKFinder you can simply install an archive inside the configured files folder, clear the cache, and all files will be available inside their file structure, which is great.
It is possible to configure a remote storage location, but I haven't tried it. Article linked below.

Configuration for CKF is modified between versions. So, if you're upgrading a major version, you need to recreate your settings in the updated syntax, the new config file.

CKFinder on Dev Subdomain

I've done this before, but I'm getting the "The file browser is disabled for security reasons. Please contact your system administrator and check the CKFinder configuration file" warning. I'm not messing with it now. I'm just going to upload to a fie field. May configure after launch.


Click image upload button... error "file browser is disabled for security..."
Add or uncomment the cookie_domain line in drupal settings file, and set to your site.

Attempt to upload SVG file error "File extension not allowed in this folder."
Add SVG to the files and images resource arrays.

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