Troll Types

I suspect we all know what a troll is. It's not necessarily someone who disagrees with the premise, that would simply be an opposing view. A troll is someone who essentially throws a grenade into the thread, typically by... (working).

Anyway, the initial idea with this page is to classify types of internet trolls. For the sake of discussion, we'll not include Bridge Trolls, Lake Trolls, Mountain Trolls, or any of the other trolls that we encounter as we walk through woodland areas or crossing bridges, etc. So, not the real ones, just the fake ones on the internet. These are textbook examples of 'those who think themselves wise'.

Guilt by Association Troll

A GA Troll is someone who poses to side with the proposition, then maybe drops a racist Hitler grenade into the discussion, with the intent of tarnishing the OP as someone who agrees with them.

Haha follow-up; So, I just got a +1 notice from a YouTube comment where I helped a trolee, by explaining to them that they are just being trolled by a GA troll. Anyway, the thread was silent, then 14 days later I get this +1... from the troll! It was a rewarding experience.

When you see someone that is taking a beating, you might say to them '@whoever It's just a _guilt by association_ troll. It's harmless.. mostly harmless, anyway.'

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