1991 Dodge Stealth ES

Basically, there are three vee-shaped 6-cylinder motors: the SOHC, the DOHC, and the Turbo, in 5-speed or manual transmissions. The car had 16" wheels, or 17" wheels on the R/T. The R/T package was available on the DOHC and Turbo. The 1994 - 1996 R/T TT had 18" wheels. The R/T Twin Turbo was the monster. All wheel drive and 4-wheel steering. '94-'96 Added increased power turbo and a 6-speed manual transmission.

I affectionately refer to this car as the Millennium Falcon, for reasons illustrated in this video:


Exterior Black. Interior; White on Graphite. Interior restore to all Graphite. 3.0 Liter/183 cu.in., DOHC, V6, 220hp 5-Speed Manual Transmission Front Wheel Drive SRS - Driver's Side Airbag Air Conditioning Power Windows Cruise Control CD Stereo Fog Lights Alloy Wheels 16" (x8"?) (255/55) aftermarket Need to determine if exhaust is Fed-Spec or Cali-Spec Front bumper is the 'Small type'


  • K&N FIPK CARB Certified
  • AV-Pro ECU
  • Click-Start Ignition Bypass

Service History

  • 2005-06-28 [109,000 odo] 60K Mi. Motor - ASAP Motors, asapmotors.com $1000. (Motor is 50K Mi. under odometer.)
  • 200x-xx-xx [xxx,xxx odo] ECU Replaced - Rmfr'd Av-Pro, (239)849-0981.


  • 2008-10-06 [158,800 odo] Replace Power Steering Belt.
  • 2008-10-14 [159,300 odo] Replace Clutch Master Cylinder $120.00.
  • 2008-10-15 [159,400 odo] Shift Boot $15.
  • 2008-10-17 [159,531 odo] Replace; 4 Tires, Rack Assy., Outer Tie Rod, L/F CV Shaft, Oil/Filter Mobil SuperFlow 5W30, Power Steering Fluid Flush: $2500, Meineke, Mercury Blvd.
  • 2008-10-25 [156,600 odo] Removed Window Tint, Razor blades, Glass Cleaner, ammonia, paper towels, (no, 0000 steel wool).
  • 2008-10-28 [157,750 odo] Battery, 2yr., $95, Advance Auto/817 LaSalle.
  • 2008-11-04 [159,800 odo] 16" Spare Rim/Tire/Trunk Bins $55.
  • 2008-11-06 [159,850 odo] Stealth RT Spoiler $25+25 ship.
  • 2008-11-07 [159,867 odo] 19.81 MPG.
  • 2008-11-16 [160,013 odo] Paint Wiper Arms; flat black paint, 100 & 320 grit sandpaper, soapy water.
    Front; 12mm nut, Arm D (Driver) 18.5", 18" way too short
    Front; 12mm nut, Arm A (Passanger) 20.5". 20" slightly too long.
    Maybe both fronts are supposed to be 19"??
    Typically need just a flathead and needle nose pliers.
    Rear; 10mm nut, NWB - NR27 (27-321) Rear Wiper 21" (525mm), Twin-screw [RHD], 21.5", Replace w/Blade Refill only, 6mm Square Claw. 21" is fine, but it will be just long enough.
    Might need some lube and possibly a razor to cut excess rubber.
  • 2008-11-19 [160,030 odo] Replaced factory ISC Servo & O-ring, $135: Fixed stalling when stopping, low idle, improved fuel delivery. Floor Jack and Factory Tools, $35+15.
  • 2008-12-29 [160,782 odo] Windshield chip repair, $60.
  • $3,080.
  • 1,482 mi.


  • 2009-02-06 [161,176 odo] Windshield washer fluid repair, reconnect, compressed air, small pin.
  • 2009-04-20 [161,840 odo] Clutch slip, first A/C use, Check Engine warning. [Info here].
  • 2009-05-21 [161,843 odo] Flywheel turned $80, Diagnostic $45 - showed nothing, Exedy OEM clutch $95+15 - thepartsladi @ ebay, Oil, Labor $318, A-Plus Auto - Kenny. Kenny recommends Lucas oil treatment for all future oil changes to address dry starts, after sitting for a few days.
  • 2009-12-14 [162,990 odo] Replace Alternator.
  • $553.
  • 1,814 mi.


  • 2010-01-05 [163,002 odo] Replace Tensioner & Accessory Belt $185 A-Plus Auto.
  • 2010-11-23 [165,986 odo] Thermostat & Seal, Coolant Flush, Oil, DH Ribbed Belt replacement, Sears Auto Center $324.19
  • 2010-12-13 [166,002 odo] Replace Clutch Assy. Exedy, Replace clutch master and slave, Mass Air Flow cleaned, Rear Main seal replaced, Replace Rear catalytic convertor, VA State inspection, Check engine light now off. Briar Ridge Exxon $1,819.63. Could indicate an issue since the clutch was replaced 2,200 mi. prior, or the ebay clutch was a POS, or A-Plus ripped me off.
  • $2,330.
  • 3,000 mi.


  • 2011-06-10 [166,317 odo] Replace all brake pads and rotors - front ceramics. Replace left-front and right-rear calipers. Brake flush. Other random stuff. Briar Ridge Exxon $1,170.35
  • 2011-07-15 [166,317 odo] Lloyds floor mats, Dark/Slate Grey, 'Dodge' embroidered red. $140.00. CarID.com
  • 2011-07-26 [166,446 odo] Stabilus lift gate gas springs/struts. $100.00. AutoPartsWarehouse.com [Info here]
  • 2011-08-12 [166,611 odo] Strong Arm hood lift gas springs/struts. $87.00. AutoPartsWarehouse.com
  • 2011-08-16 [166,619 odo] Cover King Seat Covers. $160. [Info here]
  • 2011-08-25 [166,638 odo] Door / Dome light switch. $25.22. 3SX.com
  • 2011-09-06 [166,659 odo] Speedometer cable. $35.00. Dorman
  • 2011-09-06 [166,662 odo] Negative Battery Cable Terminal, $2. Battery, 3yr. $121.00. AAA. [Info here]
  • 2011-09-09 [166,667 odo] A/C (ac) light blinking. Drove, shut down, restart, and it was fine.
  • 2011-09-21 [166,679 odo] Windshield chip fixed. $75. [Info here] Battery tiedown and Stealth ignition key. $65.00. 3SX.com
  • 2011-10-01 [167,004 odo] Rear Wiper switch, Mitsu. OEM. $21.22 3SX.com
  • 2011-10-20 [167,048 odo] Fog Light bulbs (for '95 Stealth). Hella $30.
  • 2011-10-27 [167,053 odo] K&N S3 57 Series FIPK w/3SX Mounting Bracket $236. Need MAF gasket. $17. Farrish Dodge.
  • 2011-10-30 [167,103 odo] Sea Foam. $20. [Info here]
  • 2011-11-02 [167,148 odo] Oil, Alignment, Clutch adjust, Hand brake adjust (the expensive part) $284. Briar Oaks Exxon.
  • Check Engine. [Info here]
  • 2011-11-11 [167,310 odo] 446 mi., 16.04 Gal., 27.85 mpg.
  • $2,559.
  • 1,051 mi.



  • Ownership This car has had a history. It's on it's second motor, probably from hard driving. It was missing miscellaneous bolts. As noted in the Carfax, this car's been titled a bunch of times.
  • Lug Wrench/Wheels/Nuts The car has aftermarket wheels and the socket wall of the OEM lug wrench is too thick to fit over the lug nuts. The cargo area of the car should also be equipped with 'Thin Wall' 3/4" sockets for both 3/4"~ (19mm) and 13/16"~ (21mm) lug nuts, to use as adapters with the OEM lug wrench. A 24" Breaker Bar should also be in the cargo area, to remove lugs that have been tightened with an impact wrench. EOM Wheel Lug Spec's - M12-1.5 thread, 21 mm hex size, 26 mm length, 60 degrees seat angle. This is a PIA, need to get a set of factory (7-spoke) RT 16x8 wheels. These are the lightest EOM wheels available.
  • Computer There seems to be a quirk with the OBD1 diagnostic. Mike @ Briar says the incorrect motor was identified. EB3 said the same thing. So, any time the car needs a diagnostic it has to go to a performance shop that will manually test the codes. This is, until I can address what is likely a sensor issue, but this isn't high on the list.
  • Keys The car's key currently works only on the driver's door.
  • Plasticizer The interior of the windows will fog over time. They probably need to be cleaned once a month. I suspect that it's a plasticizer issue.
  • Fog Lights The original fog light bulbs for '91 - '94 Stealths use a barrel-type quick connect terminal. No one produces these, so I retrofitted the housing to accept the blade-type quick connect terminals used on the bulbs for the '95+ Stealths. However, note that the passenger side housing is in poor condition from having a bad water seal and both should be replaced with a matching set.
  • ABS Looks like the ABS fuses are missing under the hood. Might not have ABS.
  • Click-Start Issue The 'Click-Start ignition bypass' is a mod created by some Dodge Stealth genius to address the known 'click-start' issue that affected some Dodge/Chrysler models. Basically, you'd try to start the car and just get a click, but no bang. You'd have good battery power, all of the gauges would light up, everything would seem to be working properly, but just no ignition. Sometimes you could just keep turning the key and the car would start, or maybe just let the car sit for a while. Even the factory dealers didn't have a factory solution for this issue. Anyway, the bypass mod fixes the problem.

Wish List

  • Lumpy ride. Vibration over 75mph. January would be the ideal time to have a collision shop check this, as the lumpiness is more pronounced when the car is cold.
  • 120K Mi. engine service at 170K mi.
  • Re-key driver's side door, hatch, and glove box.
  • Front belt tensioners. Should be professionally done.
  • 3SX Cali-spec Downpipe & RT Cat. - $510.
  • Engine compartment/Hood light.
  • Dynamat Hoodliner / Hood panel inner.
  • Fog Lights - 91-94.
  • Carpet, black.
  • Passenger side window regulator.
  • Lift-gate bezel paint.
  • Rear Bumper.
  • Paint Job.
  • HEI Ignition, MSD, not Jacobs - $300.
  • Stereo CD-DVD GPS, 4".
  • Master Rebuild Kit $600, 1991-98 6G72 Diamante, 3000GT, Stealth - non-turbo camshafts and lifters not in kit lifters are available separately 5-Speed manual transmission.
  • Seat Covers, leather, black, with extra swatches for door trim.
  • Factory 16" Wheels - $300.

Misc. Work

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