Mike, Robb & Oscar

The Don & Mike ShowI started listening to Don & Mike when I lived in Baltimore. It was one of the big daytime talk radio shows. The end of their run was during the time when there was a big shakeup in the radio business. A fan of any radio show at the time will remember this. There was also a terribly tragic event in Don's world that, combined with the business drama, lead to the end of the show.
On top of enjoying the personalities (Don, Mike, Robb, and Buzz), and all of the fun memories listening to them, Don's tragedy wrapped the show with an endearing quality, so much that I'm not sure if I should even be writing this.

Anyway, Mike and Robb (That's Robb with two Bs) are still going, on TMOS - Mike O'Meara, Oscar (Big O) Santana, Robb Spewak.

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