Folders with 777 permissions will eventually be hacked (because of the way most servers are set up).

Permissions should never be higher than 755.

If you can't change permissions with an FTP agent, do it in cPanel.

Default index permissions 644
Directories 755
public_html 750

Mac Specific

The Mac @ symbol permission indicates that the file is flagged as quarantined.

Use the xattr command. You can inspect the extended attributes:

$ xattr s.7z
and use the -d option to delete one extended attribute:

$ xattr -d s.7z
$ xattr s.7z
you can also use the -c option to remove all extended attributes:

$ xattr -c s.7z
$ xattr s.7z
xattr -h will show you the command line options, and xattr has a man page.

xattr -rd /path/to/directory
xattr -rd Multimedia    (didn’t work on folders)
sudo xattr -r -d Multimedia    (nope)
One suggests just opening the file, this removes the flag

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