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SD Cards

Micro SD microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC, Size: 8-200+ GB Samsung HC Class 10 U1 Evo Green (has Roman numeral 1 symbol), Up to 95MB/s & 20MB/s read & write speeds. 32 GB $13. XC Class 10 U3 Evo Green (has Roman numeral 1 symbol), Up to 100MB/s & 60MB/s read & write speeds. 64 GB... more


Install RetroPie Do this on your host system. The primary distro of RetroPie is built on Raspbian Lite, though it can be updated with the Pixel GUI. Using the distro configs a Desktop app in Ports, which I didn't get when I did it manually. Unzip the RetroPie image. Flash the image to the SD... more

Raspberry Pi | RPi

Been looking at this for a while. I'll start with: Raspberry Pi 3 B, ARM v8 1.2 GHz 64/32-bit quad-core Cortex-A53, 1 GB 900 mHz ram, 802.11.b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 4.1, $30. Case - Flirc Pi 3, $15. The sticky side of the thermal pad goes on the case. There are thin layers that need to be... more

Video Formats | Frame Sizes

Just Say No to Funky Formats! Proper format dimensions should always be divisible by 16 - sometimes referred to as a 'mod' value, such as 'mod16'. The digital picture would have two mod values, one for the x-dimension and one for the y-dimension. MPEG and other compression systems use 16x16, or... more

MKV Extract Subtitles

Install mkvtoolnix with sudo apt-get install mkvtoolnix. sudo yum install mkvtoolnix brew install mkvtoolnix <<<<< (for Mac) Run from terminal. mkvextract tracks <your_mkv_video> <track_numer>:<> Determined stream number using VLC.... more

Inverse Telecine

This is an old file that I found, originally titled "Inverse Telecine on Full Resolution NTSC Video - Luke's Video Guide". I'm not sure of the source, but it might have been from Inverse Telecine (a.k.a. 3:2 Pulldown Removal) on Full Resolution NTSC Video There are several... more

AVS Video Converter

I've tried many apps for converting video over the years. This is the best easy-to-use general purpose batch converter. Crop Video In Conversion Options set your desired Custom frame size. In Aspect Correction set Output Video Aspect to Original, Mess with the Input corrections, Then adjust the... more

Video Export Compression Tests

Compression MPEG-1 not so great, but it is the most widely supported. MPEG-2 is great. Real looks great, but its barely supported, possibly even defunct. WM looks great, but doesn't work great on Mac. DivX looks great. XviD looks great. MP4 is the future of the web. AE Doesn't have... more


I have a newer Logitech wireless mouse that's failing, and a very old wired Dynex mouse that still works. The Logitech isn't clicking properly. I tested it on multiple systems, same problem.


The new Drupal section.


This type of tool is generally for larger jobs. If you've ever moved large amounts of data, you know there can be issues. This will give you the information you need to get the job done right. There are other tools that are very similar. You can save each job as a RCX file. As a side note, the... more

Flirc Pi Case

First Impression It’s really sharp. Figuratively and literally. When you open it and look at the materials and craftsmanship, it’s really nice. Everything has clean sharp edges, not dangerous sharp, but nice sharp. The logo is very nice. No idea how it was done. Maybe it was acid etched, or... more


Issues Drupal Google geocoding returned status code: REQUEST_DENIED This is the sensor error in console. Module Geocoder 7.x-1.3 Update to dev version. The 7.x-2 version fixes this, but there’s not upgrade path. Hmmm. Supposedly fixed in, but it isn’t.. <script src="http://maps.... more


I was looking for a ZIP app, for Mac, that would open an archive and let me explore or edit it, similar to Windows. I'd forgotten about Stuffit Archive Manager, so I found this other utility. I think it's free. I don't recall paying anything for it. It did the job, and they have a nice site.

SBC Systems

Single Board Computers are interesting. They are basically small tiny computers. There are many other systems, you just need to research them with regard to what you want them to do. Arduino ​Raspberry Pi UP Board I'm leaning towards the RPi, as I initially want to make a classic gaming rig... more