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Weight Get your car weighed at a Weigh Station or garbage and recycling joint. Electrical Summit: MSD Weathertight Sealed Connectors 8174 Summit: QuickCar 50-310 Summit: Keep it Clean Wiring WPWC2 Next Not sure what the next car is... more

Engine Treatment Refresh

What is better? Oil-out siezing, compression improvement, power improvement, etc... Seafoam vs Gumout Gumout (Gumout Multi-System Tune-Up) is newer, the updated package includes a formula to account for ethanol. Project Farm on YouTube has a lot of tests on the subject. Amsoil Power Foam... more


I'm not going to install GeForce Experience. Shadowplay appears to be capture software. I suspect it's probably decent, but if you have a hardware recording solution, you don't need it.


Not sure why I saved this link. Might be a vendor that a customer was using??? It's a "customer engagement platform". It's how you might add services like virtual assistants and chat help, stuff like that.


There are a bunch of different versions of Linux, optimized for various purposes. The difference between Linux and other systems like Windows or Mac is that Linux is open source. Good Looking Hardware Specific Raspbian

VLC Media Player

It's the standard cross-platform media player. Double click the screen to toggle full screen. Press the space bar to stop/play. You can adjust brightness. E for frame advance. Taming Audio I'm not into booming audio, and regularly have the issue of having to adjust the volume during a... more

Google Chrome

Block Blacklist images from particular web sites Chrome block site images. Tired of certain imagery on certain websites. In Chrome’s privacy settings, add to image blocking: chrome://settings/content/images Current blacklist: www.drudgereport.... more

It gives you the general system information that is available, on your system, to the internet. Its a good way to test your VPN.

Net Neutrality

I don't understand this issue. Part of the problem seems to be that 2 sides don’t agree what the issue is. One side says Net Neutrality is censorship. One side says that Net Neutrality is monopoly. What problem is being addressed by the proposed Net Neutrality legislation? This isn't the first... more


Multimedia encoder.

ECM Tools

Used it on a Win machine, not sure what for. It's a disk utility. ecm.exe

QNAP TS-251+

This thing is great. Online 12-2017. This model has been out for a few years. My first impressions were that the hardware was really nice and... the software is really nice. The software... is nice. It's amazing. It's actually a server, not just a NAS. And even though it's SMB, it's remarkably fast... more

Black Market | Silk Road | Atlantis

Intro BitCoin Crypto currency Tor Browser Now, the silk road url will be available http://silkroadvb5piz3r.onion/silkroad/home Or try Atlantis

D-Link DNS-321 NAS

This is entry-level hardware. It does the job. Stuff When a volume degrades Tools / Raid / .. “Manually Rebuild Now” button greyed out. Restart or power-cycle the raid. Go to Tools / System / restart Drive now indicates blue, but Raid Tools still indicates degraded. However, now... more

Format External HD for Cross-Platform Use

FAT exFAT Win7 only offered exFAT. Supposed to be 2.5 TB, but windows manager shows 2.3 TB, where 2048 is available, 280 GB is unallocated. Not sure how the disk was initialized. GTP is for 2TB+, MBR doesn’t. Still has unallocated space, though. Mac shows it as 2.2 TB, But the capacity is 2.5... more