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Subtitles | SRT

Subtitles Subtitle Types SRT    (SubRip)    Plain text. Seems to be preferred. It's fully self-contained. SSA or ASS    (SubStation Alpha/Advanced) Formatted Text Font Verdana 22pt Bold Yellow #ffff0 SUB / IDX These files are the VobSub ... more

VPN | Virtual Private Network

It looks like you have at least a few ways to use the service. Use the system app. It encrypts essentially all of your communications. However note, some large commercial sites will not allow a VPN connection. Configure an individual application, on an unprotected system, to use the VPN;... more


It's good. It's for torrents. The $5/yr. version is worth it. Config Options > Preferences > .. BitTorrent ​Disable DHT, PEX (Peer Exchange), and LPD (Local Peer Discovery).

Holiday Movies

Halloween Ghostbusters (1984) Halloween (1978) It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966) Monsters, Inc (2001) The Sixth Sense (1999) Sleepy Hollow (1999) St. Patrick's Day Darby O'Gill and the Little People (1959) Christmas Batman Returns (1992)

Component: Battery

The battery is the central point of the system's configuration. Both the Charger and the Atomizer are designed to work with a particular battery type. The Joye eGo system uses a 3.7 volt eGo battery and eGo charger. Notes that although the eGo system and the Joye 510 system use the same power... more

Julie Borowski

Sometime in 10 or 11 2017 she did mention that she's 'not religious'.

Wipe Frag Nuke a Disk

This might mean two things: Secure deleting stuff on a disk or cleaning a disk that's already empty. I want to clean a disk that's already empty. Windows DP Wipe (secure delete) KillDisk (sec del, maybe wiping also) Mac ..

3D Printing

Started thinking about getting a 3D printer. My initial issues are materials and accuracy. Filament (ABS or organic PLA, cheap) FDM Filament (more expensive) Stereolithography (SLA, $3K+) Powder ($10K+) 3D Printing Services


It's difficult to determine which elements are relevant when considering the differences between products, regarding what differentiates one system from another. I think the 'system' is related to the battery/atomizer connection. I say this largely because a most common solution has been developed... more

SD Cards

Micro SD microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC, Size: 8-200+ GB Samsung HC Class 10 U1 Evo Green (has Roman numeral 1 symbol), Up to 95MB/s & 20MB/s read & write speeds. 32 GB $13. XC Class 10 U3 Evo Green (has Roman numeral 1 symbol), Up to 100MB/s & 60MB/s read & write speeds. 64 GB... more


Install RetroPie Do this on your host system. The primary distro of RetroPie is built on Raspbian Lite, though it can be updated with the Pixel GUI. Using the distro configs a Desktop app in Ports, which I didn't get when I did it manually. Unzip the RetroPie image. Flash the image to the SD... more

Raspberry Pi | RPi

Been looking at this for a while. I'll start with: Raspberry Pi 3 B, ARM v8 1.2 GHz 64/32-bit quad-core Cortex-A53, 1 GB 900 mHz ram, 802.11.b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 4.1, $30. Case - Flirc Pi 3, $15. The sticky side of the thermal pad goes on the case. There are thin layers that need to be... more

Video Formats | Frame Sizes

Just Say No to Funky Formats! Proper format dimensions should always be divisible by 16 - sometimes referred to as a 'mod' value, such as 'mod16'. The digital picture would have two mod values, one for the x-dimension and one for the y-dimension. MPEG and other compression systems use 16x16, or... more

MKV Extract Subtitles

Install mkvtoolnix with sudo apt-get install mkvtoolnix. sudo yum install mkvtoolnix brew install mkvtoolnix <<<<< (for Mac) Run from terminal. mkvextract tracks <your_mkv_video> <track_numer>:<> Determined stream number using VLC.... more

Inverse Telecine

This is an old file that I found, originally titled "Inverse Telecine on Full Resolution NTSC Video - Luke's Video Guide". I'm not sure of the source, but it might have been from Inverse Telecine (a.k.a. 3:2 Pulldown Removal) on Full Resolution NTSC Video There are several... more