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A non sequitur is also a method of comedy. Thinking about this more, it seems that every logical fallacy is a device for comedy. The last example I saw was a straw-man argument. When someone straw-mans you, they're not truly serious. They might think they're serious, but they're really just using... more

Lucid Dreaming

I've recently started to think about dreaming again. Dreams used to be a notable portion of my life. They were something I could talk about. Now, however, I've been stricken with some sinus or deep tissue infection issue that causes me to no longer dream, or at least only remember dreaming 1 or 2... more

Audio Levels

You can master your audio levels however you want, but it's a good idea to have some kind of objective measure or standard. My solution for this was to create a short audio clip, that I can drop into every project, and level the audio to it. The audio clip is from a movie. It contains a sample of... more


What!? So, basically these are defense mechanisms of plants. Apparently these are a good reason to why you would want to cook certain foods.

Develop Custom Drupal Module

Every time I start looking at making a custom module I end up just using a simpler solution. The attached file is an example. All I wanted to do was to override the theme templates in the Location module. The module's override works, however I shouldn't have customized the template name and I... more

Water Filters and Filtration

I'm going to get a water filter. I've wanted one for a long time, but they're a little expensive. Jump to the current time, I recently had a hardcore kidney stone episode. Now, I haven't seen any link to kidney stones and contaminants in water, but what I have seen is that I simply need to increase... more

Windows Force Delete

Had an MKV file that wouldn't delete. Tried BootDeleter, didn't work. FileAssassin did work.

Modeling a Low Poly Character

Make a 6-sided tube about the size of a heel, put it in a symmetry, position it in the heel position. Rotate it so that a flat side faces the symmetry. Extrude that shape up, creating extra extrusions at the skeleton joins to improve animation. Create an extra poly to join the crotch at... more

Remove Duplicates

Basic The simple way to achieve distinct values using Views is to do the following: Go and edit your view In Advanced > OTHER section click on "Query setting" Check "Distinct" check-box. Aggregation You can apply GROUP BY or DISTINCT by enabling views aggregation settings to remove... more



Raspberry Pi | RPi

Been looking at this for a while. I'll start with: Case - Flirc, $15. Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit, $50. Keyboard, $20. Micro SD 64GB, $20. (class 4-6, HC type, micro SD for RPi 3 B) Controller - I have a USB controller I can test with. A starter kit costs a bit more, but it's my first... more

HTML Email

Ah, the bane of the web dev/designers existence. Hmmm, this looks like it was originally created to cover PHP email stuff. Create email accounts on the hosting server.

Cinema 4D | C4D

Straighten a Path When you import a shape from an Illustrator file. Grid or Linear Array Mograph or the Duplicate tool. Misc Clone Points - Duplicating points Select the points, then  Function/Clone and offset. Import a HDRI image. C4D should have some. Add a sky object, and add the... more

After Effects

Sites AE 6.5 Plugins Cinema 4D ​Cycore FX 1.0 Digital Anarchy Toolbox 1.0.2 Magic Bullet Suite 2.0 Reel Smart Motion Blur Reel Smart Twixtor Pro 3.2 Re: Vision Effects FieldsKit​ Twixtor The AE composition needs a length that accommodates the... more


It's a 'fantasy' 8-bit gaming console and development kit. By 'fantasy', they mean there are no cartridges. It's an actual working platform. It's a wonderful synthesis of technologies. That's Pico 8, for the spidaz. PocketCHIP hardware Text Editing It has a text editor, but you can use whatever... more