I'm not sure what to do with this section. I was initially created as a way to archive movie covers that I created for use in Front Row/iTunes. I now use Kodi, which leverages The Movie DB and The TV DB APIs. If there's a movie that doesn't have an entry in the database or a cover, I can add it, done deal, and everyone in the world benefits.
I also wanted it to log movies that I want to see. Sometimes I forget about a movie and don't see it until 3 years after it's released. So, maybe it's good for that.
Hmm. I also wanted it to note movies that I've seen and don't like. There have been a few times when I'll realize that I'm watching a movie that I've already seen.
I suppose we'll keep it, for now.

  • Genres - /movies/genres
  • Needs a sort for movies vs television.
  • Needs ratings for Top views.
  • Needs sections for main genres.

It's difficult to find a good movie. If we're lucky, we'll get one or two in any given year. I recently did a search for 'movies suck', and I found that to be helpful. It's not just me. I can get more enjoyment out of a good 4K remastering of an old movie than a new movie.

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